To take the lead, to set the pace and to define the future calls for a certain attitude, a certain vision and a way of looking at things that breaks the average mould and fuels your drive to be the standard bearer for quality in whatever you set out to achieve.

To lead, verily, calls for commitment, teamwork, a sense of worth and of course, a roll-up-your-sleeve work ethic that can get things done.

At Arul Group of Companies - Arul Rubbers and Arul Polymers - we are defined by our leadership qualities, factors that have made us the leading name in the development and manufacture of rubber products for a wide range of industries.

ARUL RUBBERS PVT.LTD, Rubber Lining, Fabrication & Engineering Division.


ARUL POLYMERS PVT.LTD, Mixing, Sheeting, Molding division.