Apart from this, we have made major investments in testing facilities and R&D as it forms the back bone of all our endeavours. To ensure that we are able to execute projects as per the customer's requirements, we have made certain that we are fully equipped with all the necessary infrastructure.

Our manufacturing facilities showcase the very best in the field. Constant up gradation of technologies and processes ensure that we always stay on the cutting edge.

Everything is in house and ship shape. These include:

  • Rubber Compounding using Kneader Machine & Sheeting Using Two Roll Mixing Mill, Three Roll Calendering Machine
  • Heavy plate bending, Plate rolling, Heavy duty drilling machines, Lathe machines and all necessary instruments & machineries for fabrication.
  • Hydraulic presses and hose manufacturing facilities
  • Shot blasting chamber, Rubber lining shed, Autoclaves for Pressure curing, Boilers and Compressors
  • All Handling cranes necessary for Rubber lining, finishing and painting

We have the following equipments in house:

Equipment No.s
Heavy duty Lathes 3
Auto Claves (4m and 2-3 m diameter) 2
Shot Blasting Chamber (6m x 14m) HMT Radial Drilling Machine 4
Boilers 3
60 HP and 70 HP 2
Cranes & Hoists 7
Rubber Hose manufacturing machines 3
Dredge Hose Manufacturing Machine 2
Bunk Machine for Pipe Lining 1
Welding machine (Tig/Arc and Co2) 10
Kneader (35 and 75 ltrs) 2
Mixing mill 2
Calendaring Machine 1
Doubling Press 2
Extruder 1
Bench Press and Bench Grinders 3


ARUL RUBBERS PVT.LTD, Rubber Lining, Fabrication & Engineering Division.


ARUL POLYMERS PVT.LTD, Mixing, Sheeting, Molding division.