Research and Development

At the heart of all our efforts is innovation facilitated by investments in cutting edge research facilities. Also to ensure that the finest quality parameters are met, we go that extra mile to put every single product through intensive testing. Constant upgrading of facilities is also another factor that helps us stay relevant at all times and meet customer expectations to their fullest satisfaction.

Our R & D facilities include state of art testing equipment and testing machines that are regularly maintained and calibrated. Various testing procedures are carried out from raw material stage to the final products with these testing facilities.

These tests includes Mooney Viscosity, Rheological properties, Hardness, Tensile strength, Elongation, Abrasion Resistance, Tear strength, Peel strength, chemical analysis, compression set, purity test, melting point etc.

All the tests are carried out by IS, ASTM, DIN or the customer requirement by qualified and experienced personnel.

We have developed various compounds for the hardness ranging from 35 – 100 shore A & 35 to 90 shore D, using a wide range of polymers such as NR, SBR, Nitrile, NBR + PVC, Silicone, Viton, EPDM, Hypalon.

Our recent development is Ultra high Heat Resistance EPDM conveyor cover compound, which can withstand temperatures of 180 C continuously.

R & D Highlights:

  • We recently developed ultra high heat resistance EPDM cover compound & skim compound which can with stand upto 180 C
  • Silicone Food Grade compound developed as per the German Standard
  • EPDM compound developed for the butterfly valve application

S.No. Equipments Type of Testing Carried Out
1 UTM Machine Tensile strength
M odulus
% Elongation
Tear strength
Strength etc
2 RheoMeter Rheological properties & cure char acter of the Compound
3 Mooney Viscometer Viscosity of compounds & polymers
4 Shore A & D Hardness testing
5 DIN Abrasion Abrasion properties of the compound & product
6 Hot Air Oven Heat ageing etc Moisture content, Solid content
7 Muffle Furnace Ash content of the Raw materials & Compound.
8 Density Meter Specific gravity of the compound, Rubber
9 Melting Point Apparatus Melting point of the Raw materials
10 Softening Point Apparatus Softening Point of the Raw materials
11 Spark Tester Used to found the leakage in the Product
12 Flash Point Apparatus Used to check the Flash point & fire point of the Processing oils

S.No. Chemical Testing Testing Carried Out On
1 Purity Test Raw materials Like Zno, Caco3 etc.,
2 Iodine Value Carbon Black
3 DBP Absorption Carbon Black
4 Acid Value Raw materials
5 Bulk Density/Pore Density For Fillers like clay & carbon black etc.,
6 Solubility test Raw Materials

R & D Facilities:

ARUL RUBBERS PVT.LTD, Rubber Lining, Fabrication & Engineering Division.


ARUL POLYMERS PVT.LTD, Mixing, Sheeting, Molding division.